EmpathyMagic Retreats

Imagine joining us for a nurturing, life-enhancing week-long retreat in MexicoOr in France? Can you picture how your Body-Mind-Soul might soak in some loving, calm and joy while sharing sacred space with kindred spirits immersed in NVC support? A safe and sacred space in which to do self-care and dissolve energy-draining issues? Holley’s magical capacity for profound Empathic Listening can offer you a tried and true way to re-connect with whatever needs your Life-Force energy is asking of you. What if you honestly listened and really heard what your essential, authentic Self was feeling and needing? What if together you created a Life-Serving, doable strategy based on those core needs? Wouldn’t it be life-changing?

We would love to have you immerse yourself in the warmth and nourishing Mexican Pacific or the relaxing and refreshing French Atlantic coast this year. Want to join us? We think you will be thanking yourself if you do… We have big smiles at the thought of welcoming you to our tropical paradise in February… Or our mystical, Celtic haven in July. Is there a ‘Yes’ somewhere inside you?

Empathy, support and self-care for women retreat

LOCATION: Bretagne, France
DATE: June 30 – July 6, 2017

Designed to profoundly support Intermediate and Advanced NVC women.

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Sacred Empathy™ MEXICO
Precious Support for Sharing What is Alive in Us

LOCATION: Manzanillo, Mexico
DATE: Feb 13-18, 2017

Designed to profoundly support NVC women in current life issues.

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