Sacred Empathy™ Mexico

Precious Support for Sharing What is Alive in Us.
Designed to profoundly support NVC women in current life issues.

DATES: Feb 13-18, 2017    [maxbutton name=”GreenButton” text=”Register Now” url=”/retreat-registration/?model_number=RETREAT2″]
LOCATION: Manzanillo, Mexico.

Sacred Empathy™ is NVC Nurturing… Just  For YOU… Me-Time to get urgent needs identified, heard and fed.

This is a women’s, life-enriching Self-Care retreat in the customized style that Marshall used to offer us in the mid 1980’s, when we would have 11 people for 5 days, twice a year. Holley Humphrey will be offering individualized personal work along with NVC practice and training as needed. Our six days together will be designed to enhance, awaken and enrich your Joy, Energy, Self-Care and Inner Clarity… Maybe you are in the process of a big decision, some sort of Life-transition, want to change something about yourself, or dealing with a relationship you wish were more supportive or understanding? Whatever you are working with in your personal life, using Holley’s Sacred Empathy™ NVC Process, you will receive personal attention and loving care to meet needs for relief, clarity, resolution , understanding, etc.

Let’s discover what is so powerful that it holds us discouraged and immobile or angry and reactive. Let’s use our resilience and tenacity to clean out, restore and reframe. Together let’s connect with the inner guardian who hides a piece of our “Essential-Self,” believing she is serving our needs for safety.

This retreat is for women who want to change something in their lives to ” Make Life More Wonderful” as Marshall would say. Where better to do this than in the arms of Mother Nature and the supportive body of loving NVC kindred spirits?

Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual,
you have an obligation to be one.
Eleanor Roosevelt

We are good at caring and contributing, so let’s be even more powerful, more compassionate and more radiantly shining in our LIGHT. And let’s do it in the joy and nurturing warmth of the Mexican Pacific Ocean, allowing her to cleanse and rejuvenate our most vulnerable parts as we emerge newly full of de-Light-ness of Being. YES?

My willingness to be intimate with my own deep feelings
creates the space for intimacy with another.
Shakti Gawain

Will you join us dear friend? You can count on inspiring moments of inner awareness, precious sharing of kindred souls growing closer, relaxing times at the beach, as well as some playful NVC activities to learn and amuse… We would love to have you join us. Sign up here or if you have a question, write Holley under “Contacts“… I look forward to hearing from you and better yet, welcoming you to my beloved home-away-from home in the gated community of Club Santiago, Manzanillo, Mexico. This will be an adventure you will remember all your life.

This is an NVC immersion retreat to seriously listen to our own needs. To create a Rumi field of acceptance, compassion and Soul-based healing. Using NVC, the power of our Life-Force and life-serving strategies, we will be inviting our deepest, most vibrant, loving energy to dissolve out-dated inner barriers, give water to thirsty hearts and sing us back into aliveness with solid, positive strategies for our next forward step. Would you like to join us? We would LOVE to welcome you…

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Dates: Monday February 13 to Saturday February 18, 2017
Beginning Monday evening at 6:00pm: On site welcome dinner: 7:00; First evening session: 8:30-10:00
Ending Saturday at approximately 14:00. (plan to be flexible if possible.)
Maximum # Participants: 9-10 women (for lots of individual attention) The last retreat had such precious reviews, we imagine this one will fill quickly.

Languages: “Sacred Empathy™ Retreat – MEXICO” will be held primarily in English. Holley does speak Spanish, however the retreat is not intended to be bilingual. NOTE: If your native language is NOT English, you do not need to speak English fluently. Our need is that you have a comfort level in expressing yourself and understanding others in English. For example, Holley says she speaks Spanish “fluidly but not fluently.” People understand her and for the most part, she understands them. If you can say this about your English, then please come!! If you are a native Spanish speaker and if you wish to do some deeper NVC empathy work with Holley, we are hopeful to be able to provide a Spanish/English speaking translator for that process time. We value and encourage you to use your native language during deeper work, in order to access the most relevant needs.

Number of Participants: For the “Sacred Empathy™ Retreat – MEXICO” we are inviting up to 10 women. Many trainers invite up to 100 or more participants. Holley prefers the profound and intimate; the impactful and precise. She values the customized learning and radical changes one can accomplish in small numbers. It meets her need for meaningful contribution. We hope you sense a golden opportunity in this decision and (smile) want to take advantage of it…

Requested Retreat Fee: $700 for six day retreat. (Or $600 with Early Bird Discount.) Add $100 for Fishbowl Reservation and subtract Early-bird discount of $100 up to 10 days before the event. Negotiable Fee: One week before the retreat date, if there are still openings, there’s an option for people, “to offer to pay whatever you can for the retreat after your $300 deposit, taking your Self-Care and our sustainability into consideration.” The housing and meals are not available for negotiation.

Early Bird Discount until February 3, 2017: The fees are based on when you send in your $300 deposit. The early-bird discount of $100 is available up to 10 days before this event. If the early-bird date is still in effect when you send your deposit, we will automatically confirm your place at the discount price. If you just pay the $300 deposit to hold, remember to send in the remainder within 15 days.

Refunds: All registration deposits are refundable for 72 hours. After that, deposit amount may be transferred to another of Holley’s offerings if one is available. This would include NVC materials and private sessions via Skype.

Requested Fee for Lodging: Five nights and six days: $210 USD for sharing a double room or $384 USD for a single room. These prices include a private bath with A/C, taxes and tip. The cost of the hotel has been translated into dollars updated as of January 2017. Please pay in cash or cashiers check at the time of registration before the first evening. If there is a significant change in the exchange rate, we will adjust accordingly. I have already held two women’s retreats at this hotel and I am very happy to report that the staff and owner will do their very best to offer us a wonderful stay.

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Retreat Dates: Monday, February 13 through Saturday, February 18, 2017 (five nights and six days) This is planned so you may come a day or two early** and have the possible ease of a travel day on either side of our week together. **The sooner you let me know if you want one or two more days at the hotel, the greater possibility that I can get another day reserved for you. It’s high season…

Location: Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico

Airports: The closest is ZLO… Manzanillo Airport. Just about 20-25 minutes from the hotel. You can also fly into Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara or Mexico City (DF) and take a long bus ride if you want more of an adventure.

Transportation to Hotel: You can rent a car or take a taxi-shuttle to get to Hotel Tenisol (inside the gates of Club Santiago). We can help people arrange to share rides if the timing works out well. We will also help to arrange a pick up if you can give us two weeks or more notice. The fee will be cheaper than a taxi, but I cannot tell you the exact price until I get down there and check things out.

Lodging: We have arranged with Hotel Tenisol for single and double rooms to create an intimate sisterhood community, with special pricing to keep the costs down. We will hold some sessions at the beach, most of our meetings will be in the penthouse on the third floor. Unfortunately, there is no elevator so people need to be mobile regarding stairs.

Meals: The hotel has a lovely outside restaurant under a palm-thatched canopy which is run by a separate company, so the meals will not be included but are very reasonable. We also know that some people skip breakfast etc or would want to go to the beach club (my favorite) or local restaurants along the beach for lunch so we did not want to restrict you to the hotel meals. Healthy snacks, coffee and tea will be offered during the retreat. Dinners will be on your own. There are many restaurants along the beach which can be very fun n’ funky or more upscale. You will receive a list and a map. Since chefs can change each season, my local friends will let me know which restaurants have the best current reputation re food, better service etc. So once again, I will know more once I get there.

Food Preferences Questionnaire: We will provide a questionnaire about food preferences once you register. The local supermarket has adapted to include foreign food items, so many American and British choices will be available for purchase. For unusual food needs, we suggest you bring whatever you might not find in a regular store. If it’s really important, then send me some pictures ahead of time and I will double-check availability.

Fishbowl Opportunity: On a “Request Basis,” we will be offering one Sacred Empathy™ Fishbowl Process in the morning. If you know in advance that you want to sign up to do a Sacred Empathy™ Fishbowl with Holley and wish to reserve a place for this opportunity, then choose the option, “Fishbowl Opportunity” when you register. There are four mornings in which we can offer the Fishbowl Process,

1. split can offer

2. just draw a line through the $100 for Fishbowl opportunity. (I am not charging any extra with only three people)

Scholarship Fund: If you wish to contribute to the scholarship fund for someone else, you may do so by telling us how much you are contributing beyond your own amount. Yes, you may also designate someone in particular if you wish. We hope to be able to offer at least one half-price scholarship or work exchange per event.
Smoking Policy: With respect for our health and well-being, self-care and consideration for others, we ask for nonsmoking participants during the whole week of the event. The areas around the retreat site are non-smoking spaces due to Holley’s extreme allergy to smoke (even from people’s clothes). Electronic cigarettes will be permitted outside, away from doors and conscious of wind direction please.

Retreat Time: Proposed time is ~9:30 a.m. to ~6:30 p.m. with about a two and a half to three hour afternoon break for rest, beach play, connection and integration. Each morning, we will check to see if anyone wants to do a Sacred Empathy™ Fishbowl Process. This will be an elastically held time, ~120 minutes in order to give honor to the Life Energy and post-session sharing needs.

Fishbowl Process: What exactly is the Sacred Empathy™ Fishbowl Process? The Fishbowl Process is something Marshall began to use, somewhere in the late 1990’s. I first saw him use it at a conference in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The idea was to provide a forum where a limited number of people from various sides of an issue could be heard, while the majority of people in the group would sit outside as silent witnesses. There was always an empty spot, so someone who wanted to join the discussion could come into the inner circle to participate. If this happened, then someone in the inner circle would self-select to move to the outer circle, leaving the all important empty chair for someone else.

I have kept the concept of a bowl surrounding fish and shifted it’s purpose and potential. For me, the bowl itself consists of everyone in a single embracing circle that becomes an energetic support for the person working in the middle with me. In this way, we’ve been using the Presence and energetic attention of our beloved Participants for increased potency.

Adding to this precious embrace, we bring in the power of Sacred Life Energy and use the beauty of the Empathic Listening process of Marshall Rosenberg. Participants have the love and reinforcement to free up energy that got stuck and lost in childhood experiences and early protection strategies.

Summary of Monetary Requests:

Requested Retreat Fee:
$700 for six day retreat.
Early-bird discount of $100 up to February 3rd.

Requested Fee for Lodging:
For five nights and six days:
$210 US Dollars for sharing a double room OR $384 US Dollars for a single room, which includes taxes and tip.

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