Study Group in Tours (autumn)

Join us this fall for a lively and nurturing experience that aims to give you a solid basis of CNV. We will be studying the WHOLE DANCE of CNV. We will be supporting you to be able to dance in Giraffe with fluidity and grace …

Dates:  Tuesdays from 6:00pm to 9:30pm: September 12th & 19th, October 10th & 17th, November 14th & 21st, December 12th & 19th.

Location:  Chez Holley and Brigitte, vers Place Velpeau, Tours Centre, 37000. You will receive the address when you sign up.

Language:  This workshop will be in French.

Intended level:  Beginner or intermediate. (Having finished reading Marshall’s book before you arrive is the minimum recommendation for beginners.)  For complete beginners, we are open to offering a CNV introduction before the course.

Prices:  The price is for the course of eight sessions. We ask for 290 euros if you pay before July 15th, 340 euros before August 15th and 390 euros after that. This price includes handouts as well as preparation and material costs for all activities. The course will be developmentally progressive. The lessons and practice each week will be building upon the previous week(s), so the possibility of paying on a piece-meal basis is not available.

Reservations:  There is a price range between 290 and 390 euros to register, depending when you make your payment. You may use your credit card or send a check. Due to the small number of participants, we will reserve your space as soon as we receive your payment. Refunds are available up to August 10th, with a 30 euro administration fee for cancellations.

Number of participants:  We are inviting up to 8-10 people because we have limited space in our living room. The benefit of having 8-10 participants is having a very personalized program with a lot of individual attention.

Refreshments or picnic dinner:  We will have a break around 7:30pm for refreshments and picnics. Each week, two members of the group will be invited to bring a healthy snack to share during our breaks. Because the workshop is scheduled around dinner time, you are encouraged to bring a picnic for yourself if you would like more of a dinner. We will be serving a variety of tea.

Study Buddies:  We will be inviting you to choose a study buddy during the break at the first meeting. We request and encourage study buddies to create empathy appointments in between our meeting dates each month. If you miss a week, we hope that your study buddy will take notes for you and help you catch up. This is intended to give you support and practice. Taking advantage of the study buddy program will  greatly help integrate CNV and make it a daily part of your lives.

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