Sacred Empathy™ Reviews


“I am so moved and inspired by your amazing empathic presence. You work with Grace.”
KM, nurse practitioner

“You helped me find the window into healing my emotional block.”
SW, unemployed teacher

“Working with Holley lifted my despair and gave me an entirely new energy for life.”
AN, neurologist

“I feel profoundly renewed. You helped me get back to my loving, gentle self.”
PH, office manager

“With your help, I released pain I’ve suffered all my life around my dad suddenly leaving us.”
CG, person

“We never could have handled the rocky times after the affair without your love and skill.”
SH, electrical engineer

“I was so overwhelmed by everything when I came to you. Now I feel a lightness of being!”
NF, entrepreneur

“I’m in awe. In one session I completely transformed a painful sister relationship. Grateful forever!!!”
EW, Psy.D candidate