Empathy, support and self-care for women retreat

A pathway to freeing our Life-Force energy.
Designed to profoundly support Intermediate and Advanced NVC women.

DATES: June 30 – July 6, 2017     Register Now
LOCATION: Port Navalo, Bretagne, France.

A Personal-Transformation NVC Immersion Retreat for Women.

A life-changing seven day immersion retreat in the customized style that Marshall used to offer us in the mid 1980’s, when we would have 11 people for 5 days, twice a year. Holley Humphrey will be coming out of “semi-retirement” to offer a mixture of NVC training, practice and deep personal work. All will be designed to enhance, awaken and enrich your Life Energy, Self-Connection and Inner Awareness…

The greatest revolution in our generation is that of human beings,
who by changing the inner attitudes of their minds,
can change the outer aspects of their lives.
Marilyn Ferguson

Let’s discover what is so powerful that it holds us discouraged and immobile or angry and reactive. Let’s use our resilience and tenacity to clean out, restore and reframe. Together let’s connect with the inner guardian who hides a piece of our “Essential-Self,” believing she is serving our needs for safety.

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly,
but rarely admit the changes she has gone through to achieve that beauty.
Maya Angelou

This retreat is for women who believe steadfastly in the power within the caterpillar; the power of YES. It is for women who believe in the power of Presence and the Universe, who are ready to dive in and discover… to heal and recover. Where better to do this than in the arms of Mother Nature and the supportive body of loving NVC kindred spirits?

Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual,
you have an obligation to be one.
Eleanor Roosevelt

We are good at caring and contributing, so let’s be even more powerful, more compassionate and more radiantly shining in our LIGHT. And let’s do it in the refreshing splendor of the Bretagne Celtic coastline, allowing it to rejuvenate our most vulnerable parts as we emerge newly full of de-Light-ness of Being. YES?

My willingness to be intimate with my own deep feelings
creates the space for intimacy with another.
Shakti Gawain

This is an NVC immersion retreat to seriously listen to our own needs. To create a Rumi field of acceptance, compassion and Soul-based healing. Using NVC, the power of our Life-Force and life-serving strategies, we will be inviting our deepest, highest, widest, all-encompassing, most vibrant, loving energy to dissolve out-dated inner barriers, give water to thirsty hearts and sing us back into aliveness with solid, positive strategies for our next forward step. Would you like to join us? We would LOVE to welcome you…

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Dates: Friday June 30 to Thursday July 6, 2017

Beginning Friday at 1800; On site welcome dinner: 1900; First evening session: 20:30-22:00
Ending Thursday at approximately 14:00. (plan to be flexible if possible.)

Maximum # Participants: 12 women (for lots of individual attention) The last retreat had such precious reviews, we imagine this one will fill quickly.

Location: Port Navalo, Arzon, Bretagne (Take a train from Paris to Vannes. OR a co-voiturage)

Languages: “Sacred Empathy™ Retreat – FRANCE” will be held primarily in English. Holley does speak French, however the retreat is not intended to be bilingual. NOTE: If your native language is NOT English, you do not need to speak English fluently. Our need is that you have a comfort level in expressing yourself and understanding others in English. For example, Holley says she speaks French “fluidly but not fluently.” People understand her and for the most part, she understands them. If you can say this about your English, then please come!! If you are a native French speaker and if you wish to do some deeper NVC empathy work with Holley, we are hopeful to be able to provide a French/English speaking translator for that process time. We value and encourage you to use your native language during deeper work, in order to access the most relevant needs.

NVC Skill Level: We ask that you have completed some NVC training ranging from intermediate to advanced. In order to be a supportive member of this group, completion of at least 20 hours of training, however it is called: the NVC Basics, NVC Foundations, French three modules or the equivalent, is requested and advised.

Requested Retreat Fee: Sliding scale of 760-995 euros. Anything over the minimum will be applied to a scholarship for someone else.

Early-bird: 100 euros retreat reduction until June 9, 2017.

Fishbowl: Each morning for five days, we will offer one individual a special opportunity to work with Holley in the format of “Fishbowl Sacred Empathy™” as demonstrated by Marshall in Russia and re-interpreted by Holley for profound personal clearing. This means that one person who has either signed up in advance or volunteers if there is an opening that morning, presents an issue that has been chronically interfering in her life or weighing her down with heavy emotions such as guilt, fear, shame, anger, mourning, regret etc.

The group surrounds the two people in silent connection, compassion, acceptance and the highest Presence each individual can offer. This is sacred energy work. The group forms a Fishbowl of loving energy around the two “Fish” in the middle, while Holley offers her profound and unique skills in Sacred Empathy™. The results are most often what we call life-changing, not just for the person in the middle, but also for the members of the surrounding sacred fishbowl. Nothing happens in a vacuum. In our experience people surrounding the two find themselves many times in tears. Afterward they share how deeply moved they were with the work they assisted and how personally impacting it was, changing something inside for them as well.

It will be her 34th year of working with NVC, having been drawn to Marshall’s wisdom and vision in 1983. Besides decades of experience, she brings to her offerings a deep spiritual connection, a lightness of Being, an astonishing intuition, a heartfelt Presence and a pig-headed passion for helping women to empower and liberate themselves. If this interests you, we suggest you jump at the chance to be a part of this Life-Transforming, nature-filled retreat while it is still being offered.

For the “Sacred Empathy™ Retreat – FRANCE,” we are inviting up to 12 women. Many trainers invite up to 100 or more participants. Holley prefers the profound and intimate; the impactful and precise. She values the customized learning and radical shifts one can accomplish in small numbers. It meets her need for meaningful contribution. We hope you sense a golden opportunity in this decision and (smile) want to take advantage of it… If you would like to sign up to be one of the FIVE people inside the fishbowl.. there is a request for an extra 100 euros. Anyone who is not a “Fish” will be given a voucher for an hour of Holley’s time via Skype after the retreat… a $100 value at no extra charge, valid for a year.

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Room and board: Seaside vacation house: 406-466 euros for six nights, demi-pension (breakfasts and lunches), welcome dinner, snacks and cleaning fee. Price depends upon choice of room and beds. There is an option for two “bring your own tents,” subtract 60 euros. One room is downstairs. You are asked to be responsible for your own dinners Thursday through Saturday at one of many the local establishments. (The house kitchen will be unavailable.

External hotel requests: You have the option to choose a local hotel. Our preference is to create a community together, so we hope you will choose to stay with us. Please plan on having meals with us in any case. If you are an exceptionally light sleeper or know that you snore heavily, you may prefer the hotel option because this vacation house is not very insulated. It was designed for summer weather. Write to Holley about your needs: holley@empathymagic.com

Deposit to HOLD: If you would like some extra time to decide or to make your arrangements, you may make a deposit of 300 euros in order to hold your position for 30 days; 60 euros of which are non refundable. To confirm your place, we ask you to complete your payment within 30 days after your initial deposit.

To be as clear as possible and to meet our needs for reliability, ease, respect, comfort and peace of mind, anyone who has not completed payment of her retreat fee after 30 days has the possibility of forfeiting her place. Her position will be offered to the next person waiting. We ask that you communicate with us if you have any difficulty with this. Our need/hope is to allow any wait-listed people an early notice, in order to free them up to make their flight and other arrangements. We ask for all remaining payments in cash or cashier’s check at the door the first evening. Payments may be made in euros or US dollar equivalents.

Wait-List: In case the retreat is full or has people holding space, you will be added to the WAIT-LIST if you make a deposit of 300 fully refundable euros. As positions become available, you will be notified on a first come-first serve basis. At the time of notification you will have 10 days to confirm or decline your space.

If you confirm, you are asked to complete your retreat-fee registration payment, the price of which will depend if your initial deposit was within the early-bird date. If you decline and notify us within the ten days, your full deposit will be immediately returned to you. If we do not hear from you within ten days, your position will be given to the next person in line.

Often there are local music festivities where folk dancing fills the evening with connections and lots of fun. A selection of traditional food is available, sometimes with choices of delicious mussels, french fries, sausage galettes or chocolate galettes. Every festival is different and they all have folk dancing with a live band.

Some photos of the house and area:

It will be an adventure you will remember always.. Plan on some Life-Uplifting insights and heart-touching moments… Contact us via “Contact Holley” if you have questions. Or Click on REGISTER if you are ready to make a deposit to hold your space. Just a courtesy reminder that there are only 12 slots in total. As of September 2016, two have already been reserved. We sincerely HOPE you will join us.. Yes? Oui?

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