H. Holley Humphrey
St Augustine, North Florida, USA
Tours, France (Loire Valley, Central France)
H. Holley Humphrey

In 2017 Holley will be celebrating her 34th year of working with NVC, having been drawn to Marshall’s wisdom and vision when he gave a workshop to her meditation group in 1983. Besides these decades of experience, Holley brings to her offerings a deep spiritual connection, a lightness and vibrancy of Being as well as an open, loving-hearted Presence. She has several upcoming retreats and workshops for all NVC experience levels, that are designed to meet customized needs for authentic living, personal meaning and support. Click here for more information on retreats.

You may know that Holley Humphrey is globally celebrated as the creatrix of the well-known Giraffe and Jackal Ears. As a former teacher, she has created several other hands-on and fun-filled educational NVC products. While she is celebrating that the Ears will soon be available, spring of 2017, she is mourning the frustration stimulated by the delay and grateful for whatever patience you may have managed during the wait. Click here for more information on products.
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