H. Holley Humphrey
St Augustine, North Florida, USA
Tours, France (Loire Valley, Central France)
H. Holley Humphrey

In 2017 Holley will be celebrating her 75th planetary turn. It will be her 34th year of working with NVC, having been drawn to Marshall’s wisdom and vision in 1983. Besides decades of experience, she brings to her offerings a deep spiritual connection, a lightness of Being, an astonishing intuition, a heartfelt Presence and a pig-headed passion for helping people to empower and liberate themselves.

If this interests you, may we suggest you give yourself the chance to be a part of one of her Life-Transforming, nature-filled retreats while they are still being offered, or request a “first hour free” private “Empathic-Listening” Skype session? Her Skype sessions are world renown and lovingly life-changing as well. She values the radical changes one can accomplish in confidential private sessions and in her retreats, where each person gets meaningful tender care and powerful support. A client recently wrote: “I just want to express my gratitude, Holley. You were there like a present, stable force that accompanied me through my many-level journey of disconnection, exhaustion, despair and anger. Since my work with you, I have been growing, strengthening and deepening the loving energy inside myself. Your empathic presence felt like a guidance from darkness back to light!
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